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Help wanted: Earth Restoration Network Interns

March 16, 2013, 8:06 pm
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ERP Intern Shiva Solaimanian, 2013

Download the following description of our internship program.

Earth Restoration Project Intern Openings
The Earth Restoration Network is a new organization whose mission is to provide an open, global platform for thought and action to promote the fullest possible restoration of the Earth's life support systems, at every scale and in every time frame, from weeks to centuries.
The Earth Restoration Network has been in development for about two years. Our first major content offering, launched in full form on our portal on Earth Day 2009, is a 445-page, 200,000 word book, The Renewable Deal for the United States of America, a master plan for transitioning the U.S. to full sustainability for food, water, and carbon-free, nuclear-free energy within one human lifetime, using established best practice and existing proven technology.   This comprehensive, holistic policy solution set covers agricultural reform, water management, public land management, fiscal, health care, education, and economic policy as well as carbon-free/nuclear free energy and transportation technologies. It must necessarily be a perpetual work in progress because the biosphere and geopolitical landscape will change rapidly under intense pressure from peak oil, global economic crisis, earth capacity overshoot, global warming, and countless other convergent environmental and socioeconomic problems.
During summer 2009 the Earth Restoration Network is looking for five or more interns to develop new programs and new features for our portal (web site.)
Intern selection criteria
Our needs are broad enough that intern responsibilities can be somewhat flexible to match the particular abilities and talents of applicants. In every case we are looking for individuals who are:
·         deeply committed to environmental restoration and purposeful, strategic, systemic social, economic and technological change
·         resourceful, imaginative, self-motivated, self-directed, initiative-taking
·         willing to actually work--not just looking for a stamp on their academic passport for the least possible investment of time
·         web-literate and have an enthusiasm for multimedia storytelling in a web publishing environment
·         Have the motivation, interest and skills to help paint a vision of a hopeful future for our country and the world, using state of the art interactive digital media, on a vast canvas of millions of computer screens.
We hope to build a core team of dedicated individuals for whom work on our project will be the peak experience of their undergraduate or graduate education, allowing them to step instantly into the real world and begin making a difference long before they graduate.   We need collaborative, synergistic teamwork as well as self-directed initiative-taking.
We will troll for interns primarily in the departments of Environmental Studies, Art, English, Communications, Biology and Computer Science, but are open to applications from any undergraduate or graduate student—or non-student for that matter, with evident drive, commitment, initiative and ability. Please pass the word along to a fellow student who might be interested.
Time commitment
We request a minimum commitment of 10 to 15 hours a week, up to whatever time contribution your motivation and academic load may allow. Scheduling is flexible. At this moment we have no physical office so you will work on campus, in a library, or at home, with regular staff meetings held in the Marriott Library or in the Olpin Student Union.
As a start-up all-volunteer organization at this time we have no funding to pay cash stipends to interns, though we are exploring possibilities and may have that potential at a later date. We can promise you an opportunity to help build something as large and important as your imagination and talent may allow, which you can point to with pride as you move forward in life.
Internship opportunities
Web Site Content Enrichment Team
Primary initial responsibility will be to scan major web news sources on a daily basis to identify and post to our web site the top environmental news stories of the day/week/month/year. May also help to develop other forms of timely new content or features on our Earth Restoration Network portal, including content that is entertaining as well as informative. Applicant should have creativity, imagination, good journalistic instincts, and excellent writing and editing skills.   Strong web-literacy and enthusiasm for web site content, useability, and design/development, are essential. Basic HTML literacy, javascript, XML or Flash coding proficiency would be useful skills though are not as important as imagination and initiative.
Environmental Restoration Project Profile Editor
The Earth Restoration Network is compiling a database of leading environmental restoration projects worldwide. Our Restoration Project Profile Editor will (1) participate in the design, development and refinement of a global restoration project database, working with programmers to develop (and refine) the database design; (2) surf across web-space searching for environmental restoration projects (3) interview various contacts to help identify what restoration projects are at the cutting edge in different parts of the world; (4) contact the leadership of major restoration projects by email or phone to elicit from them profiles of their projects for our database, (5) update the database (6) in some cases write profiles of major projects from material available on their web sites   (7) write in-depth feature stories about representative cutting-edge restoration projects worldwide.
This work will require a combination of people skills, technical problem-solving, web design work, research, writing and editing.
Web Broadcast News Production Team:
The Earth Restoration “Network” will eventually become a literal news network at the high end of the journalistic news chain—e.g., in-depth investigative news reporting, high-end news analysis, opinion/editorial content, and, most importantly of all, a steady stream of feature web documentary films on issues of both local and global significance to the future of life on earth.
We will start small and local and grow incrementally over time.   This is your opportunity to help reinvent high-end alternative journalism on the Web.   Our immediate need is for digital audio and video editing support staff with sufficient production skills to record interviews and events, store, catalogue and process the digital video clips, and to do every aspect of video editing and production, all under the supervision of the project director and editorial management team.
This work will require familiarity and experience with high definition video camcorder, lighting, audio, and video editing using Final Cut Pro.
Riparian Restoration Project Manager
Active in all aspects of the Jordan River Restoration Project including: organizing and managing stream assessment field work, recruitment and training of volunteers in partnership with the Lowell Bennion Community Service Center at the University of Utah, membership development, public outreach, writing, editing, photography, research, project administration.
This is basically a community organizer position requiring excellent social/people skills, writing and editing ability, creativity, initiative, organizing and management skills.
Earth Restoration Image Library Editor
Photo content acquisitions editor and librarian to (1) research in the public domain to identify high-quality photos and graphic images that can be placed into an online Earth Restoration Image Library for use by restoration activists worldwide (2) research and verify the source and copyright status of all images; (3) contact organizations and individuals known to have high-value visual content to request that they make their image libraries available for limited use in our Earth Restoration Image library and to secure copyright transfer agreements with photographers, artists and institutions; (4) create and maintain an image database; (5) work with programmers to develop an interactive online image database.
To apply:
Applicants should send a cover letter, resume including three personal references (people who know you well, preferably former employers, who can speak knowledgeably about your productivity and capacity for taking initiative), and a writing sample by email to project director Ray Wheeler at   You may call Ray for more information about the internships at 801-581-7249 (day) or 801-355-6236 (home/evening) but please do your homework by examining the information on our portal beforehand.


Note: better yet, serious applicants can dazzle us with their web-literacy, creativity and initiative by familiarizing themselves with our portal and by presenting their application materials on a new portal of their own design.


To do so follow these steps:

1.)     visit our portal at:
2.)    Once you’ve entered the portal, register as a member by clicking on “Join this Portal” (right-side of screen, center, under “Action Items”).
3.)    When you register as a member of the Earth Restoration Network Portal you will also be automatically registered as a user of the ManyOne platform (if you were not already a member).  There is no cost for portal and/or platform membership unless you elect to pay $8 per month to eliminate advertising on your portals and any portals that you visit. Once you’ve become a member of the ManyOne portals system, login with your new username and password (“Sign up/Login button is at extreme top right of ManyOne screen.)
Look for and click on the yellow “Create a Portal” button under “Start a Portal” in the right-side screen area.


Wheeler, R. (2013). Help wanted: Earth Restoration Network Interns. Retrieved from

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