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The Renewable Deal: Read it Online

April 22, 2010, 8:57 am
Source: Earth Restoration Network
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  • Use the slider bar and paging controls in the screen below to view the Renewable Deal book.
  • To enlarge the viewing screen click on the "Full Screen" button at the top of the viewing window.
  • The page numbers in the table of contents, beginning on page 3, are hyperlinked to the corresponding sections of the book
  • Note that there are three viewing modes, "Scroll" (the default--gives you a slider bar);  "Book" (allows you to see two pages side by side as if viewing an open book) and "Slides" (View/advance one page at a time, like in PowerPoint).  Select the viewing mode by clicking on the drop-down menu button in the lower left corner.
  • This book can also be viewed on the Scribd web site at the link given immediately below. 
  • To offer feedback and comments on the book as a whole, use the Renewable Deal blog.
  • To download individual book sections or chapters, or to comment on them, use the navigation tree at left, under the topic "Renewable Deal", to locate the section of the book that you wish to download or comment on.

A Renewable Deal for the United States of America



Christie, L. (2010). The Renewable Deal: Read it Online. Retrieved from


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