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At the dawn of the 21st century, the critical infrastructure of life on Earth has been catastrophically damaged.

Everywhere we see the devastating impacts of human exploitation of the natural world: the stripping-away of forests, grasslands, vegetative cover and wildlife habitat at a continental scale; the systematic toxification of air, water, and of the earth itself; the eradication of animal life and food sources in oceans, lakes and rivers; the ever-accelerated erosion, salinization and sterilization of soil, the depletion of aquifers, the lowering of water tables, damming of rivers, loss or destruction of biological productivity on our most fertile valleys and plains; the radical transformation of the atmosphere, temperature, climate and ocean circulation patterns of the entire planet, and finally in the resulting loss of biodiversity which is sweeping away in the blink of an eye, the precious fruits of millions of years of design-development by evolution.

For too long, the environmental movement has lived in a state of “learned helplessness”, under the mushroom-cloud assumption that we are fighting a rearguard action for which the only conceivable strategy is staged retreat.

No more.

It’s time to reverse the foundational assumption that the planet's life support systems cannot or will not ever be restored. They can be very substantially restored within a few generations—incidentally insuring the survival of human civilization--if enough of us begin thinking and acting as if global restoration were necessary, desirable, and possible.

The greatest potential energy for change is that of the individual mind and will freed from patterns of belief and behavior that are inexorably driving humanity, and with it fully half of all other species, toward an untimely extinction.

The mission of the Earth Restoration Network is to provide an open, global platform for thought and action to ensure the fullest possible restoration of the Earth's environmental life support systems, at every geographic scale and in every time frame from weeks to centuries.

Our platform will be a repository, clearing house, design shop, communications node, news network and community development center for environmental preservation and restoration activists world-wide.

It will recruit, cultivate and empower individuals to provide leadership in every conceivable arena of human endeavor relating to its mission, including science, engineering, economics, psychology, sociology, politics, and metaphysics—recognizing that fully-integrated, cross-disciplinary thought and action, and intellectual leadership in synthesizing and interpreting data—within a fully open and democratic marketplace for ideas--are critical to the resolution of complex environmental and underlying socioeconomic problems.

Through both individual initiative and web-based collaborative design the ERN will lead in the development of sophisticated preservation and restoration masterplans at every geographic and temporal scale. It will provide leadership both in the development and practical application of social as well as environmental restoration systems theory. It will provide spiritual leadership in the great work of collaborative design-development of new patterns of belief that are compatible with earth restoration and the survival of human civilization and culture in a sustainable balance with nature. It will provide full-blown alternative media services both to its own community and to the public. And it will lead by the example of individual and collaborative action in the fields of politics, economics, science, engineering, philosophy, and metaphysics.