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The Green New Deal

The Green New Deal is a visionary proposal to put the U.S. fully in motion within ten years eliminate its fossil fuel emissions at "wartime speed".

Clean, renewble, distributed domestic sources of energy entirely situated within our borders will:

  • Reduce and stabilize the long term cost of energy and transporation for families and businesses by investing in cheaper renewable sources that are already competitive with fossil fuels and will be ever less expensive going forward because of economies of scale and much larger returns on investment.
  • Stabilize and enrich the entire U.S. economy  and thus increase local, state and federal tax revenues to help reduce budget defits and natonal debt.
  • Improve air quality and respiratory health in every city across the country, thus also reducing health care costs both for employers, the federal government, and the public.
  • Make the U.S. a world technology leader in the crucially important field of renwable energy, thus further stimulating our economy and our balance of trade.
  • Bulwark national security by creating a nationwide energy production and storage systems that are secure within our borders, widely distributed, localized and decentralized to reduce vulerability to attack, and wholly under U.S control
  • Reverse the federal and state budget deficit and debt trend by ending our military spending on "oil wars" that  have enriched price-gouging, monopolistic mulinational oil companies with subsidies in the form of military spending for the endless oil wars necessary to maintain their monompolistc control over foreign fossil fuel assets.
  • End carbon pollution of the atmosphere by the U.S., which has contributed more greenhouse gas loading that any other country of the world, and therefore is more responsible than any other country  for the global warming that threatens to destroy the basis for both human and non-human life on earth.
  • Lead by example to inspire the other major carbon-emitting nations of the world to follow our lead so as to remain competitive in a changing global economy, and for all of the benefits given above.
  • Protect the U.S. and the world from the devastating consequence of inaction to prevent futher global warming.