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Responding to the City's Online Open Space Survey

Instructions for promoting the "Nature in the City" master plan using an online survey form provided by consultants hired by Salt Lake City's Parks Department

Current online survey deadline:  midnight May 31, 2015

Link to city-hosted online survey

Download a sample survey form already filled out

Our online petition

Unfortunately, Salt Lake City officials and consultants have allowed just two weeks for public comment on a major bond issue of at least $50 million, and an open space / parks /trails planning effort that would normally be given at least a full year for public comment and stakeholder participation.   This in our view is totally inadequate and will result in a slapdash and heavily politicized bond.  That is why we have created an online petition for you to sign which will indicate your support for our proposal in a way that provides the same information elements (name, address, email address) required for those taking the city-hosted online survey.

There will be no arbitrary deadline for those filling out our petition, which will automatically send a personalized form letter to the mayor and all city council members, supporting our plan.

When you take the city-hosted online survey you can fill it out however you wish to with respect to your particular ideas about improving the city's parks, trails, and open space systems, while at the same time also "voting" for choices that correspond with our unique package of ideas.

Our particular plan offers a unique, comprehensive and coherent combination of action items focused specifically on the Jordan River corridor.  It is a package of recommendations whose whole is greater than the sum of its parts, whose parts work uniquely well with one another.

If you wish to help promote our particular, unique combination of recommendations using the City's survey instrument, we encourage you to do so in two ways.

1.)  Since the city survey does not offer any opportunity to "vote" specifically for our plan, to do so you have to "write in" your support in the "Other" comments text box at the bottom of the first page of the survey.  We suggest that you could copy and paste in the following comment, along with any others of your own:

"I support the "Nature in the City" master plan to develop a continuous, connected system of nature parks, hiking trails, wetlands ponds, native plants, wildlife habitat and water quality improvement systems along the entire length of the Jordan River across Salt Lake City."

2.)  As you fill out the remainder of the survey, you could make selections of things to vote for that are consistent with the major components of our proposal.

Following below are suggestions for possible choices that would be consistent with the priorities (for the river corridor) articulated in our plan:

Survey Page 1, Parks & Open Space

Selections that best represent our plan:

  1. Nature Center
  2. Repurpose Glendale and Par 3
  3. Community Gardens
  4. Open fields for unprogrammed play
  5. Purchase land for wildlife habitat

Other Parks & Open Space Uses

This is where you should make "Nature in the City" a write-in candidate.  You can do it by cutting and pasting the following text into the "Other Parks & Open Space Uses" text box:

I support all components of the Nature in the City master plan, including the following:

1.) Conversion of the Par 3, Rose Park and Glendale Golf Courses into nature parks;  2.)  creation of a total of 17 nature parks forming a continuous system of small and large nature preserves and native plant gardens along the Jordan River corridor all the way across the city;  3.)  re-grading of stream banks to minimize soil erosion into the river;  4.)  replacement of non-native plants with healthy communities of native plants throughout the river corridor;  5.)  installation of sediment-trap bioswales at all major stream confluences with the river to minimize sediment loading of the river;  6.)  completion of the gap in the Jordan Parkway trail, 7.)  establishment of  one to three off-street east-west bike commuter connecting trails that would link the Jordan River Parkway to TRAX stations and communities along the river corridor;  8.)  restoration of the urban blight area between 200 S. and N. Temple,  9.) daylighting of City and Red Butte Creeks within stream corridors restored with native plants;  10.)  widening of the natural river corridor and renewal of the urban-industrial blight area between 200 South and North Temple with native plants and stream bank recontouring;  11.)  Restoration of the historic architecturally classic Fisher Mansion and installation of a community center and oral history program in the building, plus facilities for bikers and boaters in the Carriage House;  12.)  creation of a nature education building on the Par 3 Golf course;  13.)  redesign of the Glendale or Rose Park golf course club houses to serve as an information and nature education facility for fishermen and hunters.


Survey Page 2:

Trails & Urban Connections

Selections that best represent our plan:

  1. Establish new connections between the City and the Jordan River

  2. Reclaim unused and unsafe (blighted) land and convert to better serve the community

  3. Planning Study for Transvalley Corridor Connection to 9-line

  4. Complete Jordan Parkway Trail

  5. Remove old bridges that are no longer in use

Other trails & Urban Connections?

Write in the following suggestion: 

Create 3 east-west off-street commuter bike trails linking the north-south Jordan River Parkway trail to TRAX stations and nearby communities.


Survey Page 3:

Sustainability Projects

Selections that best represent our plan:

  1. weed control along multi-use trails

  2. Add more trees to open spaces and parks

  3. Outdoor classrooms where creeks/river and public schools interface

  4. Improve Jordan River wildlife habitat

  5. Restore river-adjacent wetland areas

Other Sustainability Projects

Write in:

Convert all of the Rose Park, Glendale, and Par 3 golf courses into nature parks with wildlife habitat and hiking trails.


Survey page 4:

Secondary water

Importance:   Somewhat important, invest over time (or your choice;  secondary water is not necessary for our proposal to succeed, and a huge savings would result from not installing it on now-closing golf courses;  however, it is a good idea for water conservation elsewhere.


Survey Page 5:

Repurposing Glendale and the former Jordan River Par 3

What type of space should Glendale Golf Course be?

Selections that best represent our plan:

                Natural Open Space

                Urban Farm

                Nature Center

Other uses for Glendale Golf Course

Write in:

                Nature park with wildlife habitat, wetlands, native plants, and hiking trails

What kind of amenities should be in this future space at Glendale Golf Course (top 5)

Selections that best represent our plan:

  1. open and un-programmed areas

  2. river sports

  3. community garden

  4. environmental education

  5. wetlands/wildlife habitat

Other amenities?

Write in:  "Convert/expand Glendale golf course club house into a wildlife information and education center for hunters and fishermen."


Survey Page 6

What Type of a space(s) should the former Jordan River Par 3 be?

Natural open space

Nature Center

Other uses for Jordan River Par 3?

Nature park with native plants, wetlands, wildlife habitat, and hiking trails.

What kind of amenities should be in this future space at former Jordan River Par 3 Golf Course (top 5)

  1. open and un-programmed areas
  2. connection to local trails
  3. community garden
  4. environmental education
  5. wetlands/wildlife habitat

Other amenities?

Write in:  "Nature park with wetlands, wildlife habitat, native plants, and hiking trails."


Your priorities for spending the bond funds (10 "dots" distributed among four categories)

8 dots for "Parks and Open Space"

2 dots for "Trails and Urban Connections"

Any additional comments you may have?

Write in:  "1.)  Close the Rose Park golf course and convert it to a nature park with native plants, wetlands, wildlife habitat, and hiking trails.

2.)   The top priority should be to restore wildlife habitat and native plants along the Jordan River Corridor."

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