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Proposal Components

Major Components of the Nature in the City Proposal at a Glance

--In priority order--

1.)  Three large "biodiversity anchor" nature parks ranging from 82 up to 180 acres in size.

2.)  River corridor restoration and connectivity for wildlife across the city

3.)  Jordan Parkway trail gap closure from 200 South to North Temple

4.)  Renovation of the historic Fisher Mansion to serve as a gateway from the community to the river, with programmatic funding to create a repository of local culture and history.

5.)  Jordan River Interpretive Center Building (on former Par 3, Glendale or Rose Park Golf Course) to provide education about ecology, wildlife and native plants and ecological restoration techniques for 18 proximate elementary, middle and high schools serving a total of over 10,000 students.

6.)  Utah Wildlife, Hunting and Fishing Information Center building, possibly in the Glendale golf course club house.

7.)  East-west bike commuter bike trail from the Jordan River to downtown at South Temple Street.

8.)  Restoration of the most blighted "brownfields" industrial wasteland on the river between 200 S. and N. Temple

9.)  Community Agriculture Portal/Buffer System (urban farms, community gardens, permaculture gardens and/or food forests, to provide a fenced buffer between busy streets and nature parks and between wildlife and residential back yards, and also a pleasing transitional gateway from the city to the river

10.)  "Daylighting" (bringing above ground) of City and Red Butte Creeks