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What You Can Do

What you can do RIGHT NOW

[and there is not a single minute to spare]

to support the Nature in the City master plan


1.)  Like and follow the Nature in the City Facebook Page--


--so that we can provide additional information and report to you on the progress of our campaign.  Only through email and Facebook viralization can we hope to significantly influence the city's planning process.  So please use email and Facebook to bring your like-minded friends to this cause.

2.)  Fill out a City-sponsored survey (Deadline:  11:59 pm May 31asking residents to identify possible additions and improvements to the city's parks, trails, and open space systems. 

How to use the City Survey to Show Your Support for NATURE in the City

NOTE:  JUST A FEW MORE DAYS to participate in the city's survey

3.)  Sign our petition (no deadline and you don't have to be a Salt Lake City resident) supporting the Nature in the City master plan

(note:  we're working on automating the sending of a form letter to all city and county mayors and council members for each person signing our petition--please personalize your letters by adding your own comments as our petition form will allow.)

4.)  Send a personal letter by email to both Salt Lake City and County mayors and all city and county council members

How-to, Sample letter, useful facts, talking points, and email addresses

5.)  Call your city council member to ask him or her for a face to face meeting with you and your influential friends, to discuss the virtues and benefits of our plan and reasons why you ask them to vote for it.

Phone numbers and talking points for meetings with mayors and city or county officials