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Summer on the River Events

900  to 1700 South -- Sat. April 2
When:  Saturday April 2, noon to 5:00 pm


Where to come:  West bank of Jordan River within the new Fred and Ila Fife Wetlands Preserve at 900 South

note:  you can park along the east end of Hayes avenue, along the west side of the wetlands preserve on 1100 West, or in the parking lot east side of the "9th South" city park, crossing a pedestrian bridge over the river to get to the wetlands preserve)

How to sign up:
Download this (universal document file format) form, open it in your computer, fill in the blanks, save it using a file name with your name in it, and send it as an email attachment to:


What we're doing:   Trash cleanup along the Jordan River in canoes, kayaks and on foot  See this video for some idea of how it works:


What to bring:

  • Your family and friends (RSVP to me at this email address -- for future trips we'll have an online signup system)
  • If you are interested in working from boats on the river (keeping in mind that we also have crews working on land)--
    • Your canoe, kayak, paddle and/or life jacket, and associated running gear
    • Note:  we'll provide several canoes and kayaks with paddling gear, but it's always best to use your own  gear that you're comfortable with;  we will paddle upstream and float back down, so no shuttle required.  You may need some beginner-level skill to paddle a kayak without capsizing;  we'll provide basic training in paddling, safety and trash removal techniques, and beginning boaters may be able to paddle in the front of a canoe or in an especially stable kayak--but we can't guarantee safety to any boater and you should not attempt boating unless you are confident in your skills and comfortable in the boats)
    • rubber boots (ideal) or other work shoes that can get muddy
    • clothing suitable for boating and outdoor work and sufficient to keep you warm (and dry if there is rain predicted--paddling jacket and pants or rain gear is good to have in the boats)
      • waterproof foot wear, such as rubber boots, wetsuit booties for space-constrained kayaks, neoprene wetsuit socks to line tennis or running shoes that can get muddy, river shoes, etc.
      • waterproof leg wear, such as paddling pants or rain pants
      • waterproof, preferably "breathable" waterproof, upper-body wear, such as paddling jacket or rain jacket, mainly to keep splashed water from getting you wet and cold
      • rubber boots (ideal) or other work shoes that can get muddy
      • Dry bag or double zip lock bagging  to protect your camera, cell phone and other personal stuff from damage by water  (we'll have a few of these for those who don't have them)
      • Water bottle
  • For both land crews and boaters--
    • day pack to carry your stuff
    • work gloves if you have them 
    • water (we'll have bottled water on hand also)
    • sun hat, sun block, lip balm
    • water (we'll provide bottled water also)
    • snacks (we'll have a supply of snack food also)
    • your camera and/or cell phone if you wish to bring it
Why do this?  

Following, helpfully arranged in ascending order of importance, are the top ten reasons to participate in a series of river cleanup trips this spring:

10.)  Exercise, sunshine

9.)  Learn about history, natural history, and river lore, from resident experts
Riparian restoration expert Ty Harrison
Premier restoration ecologist Ty Harrison, with friend

8.)  Get every scrap of trash off the river and Jordan River Parkway for a distance of three quarters of a mile and--


6.)  Learn and hone boating skills  --  darting in and out of eddies to pluck trash out trees is one of the best possible ways to learn and improve paddling strokes--and it's fun

5.)  Trash cleanup is a form of beachcombing or treasure hunting.   It's fun, interesting and you never know what you'll find next.

This classic river bike is today an objet d'art on the wall of the SLC bike collective
4.)  You can make people very happy by returning their lost valuables--purses, wallets, car keys and credit cards:


3.)  (Contingent upon community support and resources) you may have the opportunity to tour the entire length of the Jordan River across Salt Lake City for a total of 16 miles in a sequence up to nine Saturday cleanup events.

2.)  Get outdoors with your kids and teach them, by example, a novel value system in which we love and respect the natural world instead of destroying it.

1.)  Meet the greatest people and make new friends!


A proud river cleanup crew celebrates a Total Trash Evacuation event along the Jordan River at 900 South, on what is today the Fred and Ila Fife Wetlands Preserve, a brand new nature park.

And after we are done cleaning this river up all the way from 2100 South to 3300 North (15 miles of river)  we'll run all the way down it again to celebrate a trash-free river, in a series of recreational and natural history trips spanning the spring, summer and fall of 2016.
We may even stage a series of adventure trips in which we paddle the entire river from "lake" (Utah Lake) "to lake" (to the Great Salt Lake.  Stay in touch with us and we'll stay in touch with you to let you know about these opportunities.

Think of this as a year-long series of outdoor adventure-travel parties with great friends.
I'll be sending out shortly a complete schedule of Jordan River adventures in service, recreation and learning, throughout this spring, summer and fall, and it will be posted on one or several web sites.
See you on the river.


Ray Wheeler, Project Director

Earth Restoration Network