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7 Glendale Oxbow Site, 900 S, Salt Lake City

900 South Oxbow Nature Park, Salt Lake City

 "Oxbow" native plant and wetlands restoration site, 900 S., Salt Lake City

Oxbow Nature Park site prior to replanting, 900 S. Salt Lake City

4.5-acre "Oxbow" micro-wetlands restoration area prior to site work, 2012

Along Jordan River in the Oxbow Nature Park, 900 S. Salt Lake City

Along the Jordan River at the Oxbow Nature Park Site

Out of some commercial centers jammed into the Jordan River floodplain, exactly two of them have been stopped.   This is one of the two and it is almost right beside my house.   Sadly, while during the past couple of years we have lost what remained of the 300 acre Jordan River State Park and the 67-acre Utah State Fairgrounds, and may soon lose part or all of the 194-acre Glendale Golf course and/0r the 169-acre Rose Park golf course, this 4.5 acre site is the token window-dressing the city has managed to provide;  the best Salt Lake City, the politically greenest city in the region, could manage to do.

To protect it the neighbors had to fight off a proposed community center, a proposed shopping center, housing, and a library.   The library would have been nice, but it is now just a 5 minute bike ride from my house, and I would rather see a native plant, wetlands and migratory bird habitat sanctuary out my window, than another building and parking lot.

We now have 65 acres of parkland along the river across from our house, and nearly a tenth of it is a micro-"urban wild".

Shouldn't every other neighborhood along the Jordan River have a similar sanctuary of natural beauty in its own back yard?

Hell yes!   That's why the Jordan River Restoration Project has launched a Jordan River Greenway restoration master plan!

--Ray Wheeler