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Killing the River

How do you kill a river?

There are a large number of ways to do it.

In the navigation bar at the left, click on the sub-topics to get an idea of how developers and our own elected officials intend to to convert our last remaining open space--prime riparian bottomland and former wetlands right down into the flood plain to river's edge--into shopping centers, housing developments, office complexes, condominiums ("dense residential")--on no less than 18 of the largest remaining blocks of open space throughout the length of the Jordan River corridor.

This is how we are losing our magnificent natural heritage, not just here in my home town of Salt Lake City, but all across our once-beautiful blue-green planet.

The first step is to stop the madness cold.  The next step, beginning immediately, is to reverse it.  Over the next several generations of human history, let's turn this whole genocide mission around backwards and make it into a rescue operation.

I'm fighting here, in my own back yard--the Jordan River corridor.   Let's all fight in our own back yards, starting right now and continuing for as long as it takes.

Ray Wheeler

Director, Jordan River Restoration Project