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What YOU Can Do

(Photo:  dolphin activist Sam LaBudde)

Human population growth and consumption have now massively overwhelmed the carrying capacity of our planet, and the biological support systems for life on earth are in crisis worldwide.

So what can YOU do about it?

Plenty.   In fact there are unlimited possibilities for what any one person can do.  The first task is to triangulate yourself out of the apathy and conformity that are beaten into every one of us by the industrial growth culture.  Next, ask yourself what your own instincts are.  What do YOU think you could do?  If you need suggestions, of course, we plan give you a great number of them here on our website.  But you know yourself better than we do.

Following are some things that you can do right away if you are so inclined.

1.)  Join.  Become a member of the Earth Restoration Network,.  While you're at it, send us an email identifying who you are, where you live, what you are doing, what you've done, what you hope to do in the future, what are your interests, passions, talents, special knowledge and experience.  Joining our website is important for a variety of reasons, the most important of which is that we know who you are and can communicate with you.  This information is crucial to us.

2.)  Recruit.  Tell other people who might be interested about our website and give them our web address (www.earthrestoration.net).  Invite them to join as members.

3.)  Endorse.  Review our Renewable Deal policy portfolio, read the book, and if you support the proposal, formally endorse it yourself.   Ask whether your organization or institution will formally endorse the proposal (we'll automate endorsement eventually, for now, just send us a signed, dated endorsement letter on your own or your institution/organization/corporation's letterhead.)  If you know of other organizations, institutions, non-profit or for-profit corporations that might support our plan, share it with them and ask them to formally endorse it.

4.)  Contribute money.  For the moment we are  operating under the non-profit umbrella of the Association for the Tree of Life.  Eventually we'll be incorporated in our own right but we are determined to achieve a critical mass of killer content before we construct a bureaucracy and begin writing grant proposals.  To us, ideas and content are king.  But you CAN send a tax-deductable donation to the 501-C-3 nonprofit Association for the Tree of Life, stipulating that the funding should be passed through to the Earth Restoration Network.  That's--

Association for the Tree of Life
c/o Michael Mielke

785 East 18th Ave.
Salt Lake City, UT 84103, USA

(We'll set up a PayPal donation link here as soon as we can find time to figure out how to do it.)

5.) Volunteer.   If you want to help us with our own project, send an email to let us know who you are and what you can do--your best ideas.  Check out our intern program and volunteer for that, or recommend the program to someone who might be interested in being an intern.  We are looking for highly motivated people with the drive and independence to work on their own initiative, and we will be selective because our resources to manage volunteers are limited.  But we welcome

6.)  Think.  Think about what's important, who you are, and what you can do where you are.

7.)  Speak.   We're creating a database of restoration projects on every scale, worldwide.  Tell us about yours.  Jump onto this website and tell us what YOU are doing to help restore the living environment of our planet, in your bioregion or back yard.  Talk back to us.  Tell us about the threats to our biosphere in your own territory.  Tell us who you are and what you know.   There are a variety of ways to do this.  The simplest is to post comments on the website blogs.  Also, you can send us an email and request to be given "contributor" or "publisher" status, which will allow you to submit articles and other content, or to set up new "topics"--such as a description of your particular restoration initiative or technology innovation area.  We expect that the "Earth Restoration" community will be ever-expanding and self-determining, building itself incrementally through the voluntary contributions of website members.

8.)  Act.  Start or continue what you are already doing on your own initiative to restore the planet.  The possibilities are unlimited!  Launch a new environmental preservation or restoration project using our website--or your own--as a platform.  For a brilliant example of what one person can do, consider the example of our poster child, Sam LaBudde

This is only a preliminary list of ideas about what you could do.  With help from our members and contributors, we'll add extensively to it in the future.

--Ray Wheeler, Project Director, June 4, 2013


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