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Download the book

Renewable Deal Book Cover

Click the following link to download a complete copy of Lance Christie's masterwork, A Renewable Deal for the United States of America.

You can also read the book online using the Scribd web publishing service.

Please note that this book is a work in progress which will be continuously added to, updated, and refined.

There are countless things you can do to participate in the "Earth Restoration Project"--a global endeavor, owned and patented by no organization, to which hundreds of organizations and thousands of individuals will contribute across centuries of time.

If you like what we are doing, there are several things you can do immediately to help the effort.

1.)  Become a member of the Earth Restoration Website.   In doing so, if you are not already registered to use the Trunity Universal Website Service, you will also become a registered user of our platform, which will allow you to place content--such as a blog post or, if you are authorized to do so--photos, videos, articles and other content--on any public website within this network.   Registering as a user of the Trunity platform will also allow you to create your own websites and to make full use of its state-of-the-art Web 2.0 publishing tools to put your own personal presence online.  There is no cost to become a registered user of the Trunity platform, so long as you don't mind seeing advertising in the margins of the website screens that are outside of the stewarded Digital Universe environment.  But you can switch off the advertising for all viewers of your own websites, and for any websites you may visit, by paying a monthly prescription fee.

2.)  Forward the address for this web page to friends who might be interested in reading the book or learning about our Earth Restoration Website.  And encourage them to become members of our website as well!

3.)  Send us your ideas.   Jump onto this website and tell us what YOU are doing to help restore the living environment of our planet, in your bioregion or back yard.  Talk back to us.  Tell us who you are and what you know.   There are a variety of ways to do this.  The simplest is to post comments on the website blogs.  Also, you can send us an email and request to be given "contributor" or "publisher" status, which will allow you to submit articles and other content, or to set up new "topics"--such as a description of your particular restoration initiative or technology innovation area.  We expect that the "Earth Restoration" community will be ever-expanding and self-determining, building itself rapidly through the voluntary contributions of website members.

4.)  Send a contribution.   If you wish to support our work, you can make a contribution to our umbrella 501-C-3 nonprofit organization:

785 East 18th Ave.
Salt Lake City, UT 84103

(We'll set up a PayPal donation link here as soon as we can find time.)

5.)  Recommend our project to funding organizations.  If you know of a foundation that might be interested in supporting our work, please make direct personal contact with that organization's grant-making officer to determine whether they would have an interest in this type of project.  Our vision, values, mission, goals and objectives are thoroughly discussed on this website under the "About the Earth Restoration Project" topic, and you can direct them there for a detailed discussion of our purpose and method.  If the grants officer expresses an interest, we would welcome you to forward to that person a copy of The Renewable Deal book, or the web address where they can view part or all of it.   Then notify us of their response.  (Typically foundations want non-profits to carefully research the mission of the foundation to see if it is in line with the mission of the non-profit--and to develop a direct personal relationship with the foundation officer well in advance of making any specific request for funding.)   So if you make the inquiry, and there is interest, we'll follow up.

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    Use the slider bar and paging controls in the screen below to view the Renewable Deal book. To enlarge the viewing screen click on the "Full Screen" button at the top of the... More »

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The Renewable Deal: Read it Online Last Updated on 2010-04-22 00:00:00 Use the slider bar and paging controls in the screen below to view the Renewable Deal book. To enlarge the viewing screen click on the "Full Screen" button at the top of the viewing window. The page numbers in the table of contents, beginning on page 3, are hyperlinked to the corresponding sections of the book Note that there are three viewing modes, "Scroll" (the default--gives you a slider bar);  "Book" (allows you to see two pages side by side as if viewing an open book) and "Slides" (View/advance one page at a time, like in PowerPoint).  Select the viewing mode by clicking on the drop-down menu button in the lower left corner. This book can also be viewed on the Scribd web site at the link given immediately below.  To offer feedback and comments on the book as a whole, use the Renewable Deal blog. To download individual book sections or chapters, or to... More »