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To provide an open, global platform for thought and action to restore the life support systems of planet Earth, at every scale and in every time frame, from weeks to centuries."

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Help wanted: Earth Restoration Network Interns Last Updated on 2009-05-17 00:00:00 Download the following description of our internship program. Earth Restoration Project Intern Openings     The Earth Restoration Network is a new organization whose mission is to provide an open, global platform for thought and action to promote the fullest possible restoration of the Earth's life support systems, at every scale and in every time frame, from weeks to centuries.    The Earth Restoration Network has been in development for about two years. Our first major content offering, launched in full form on our portal on Earth Day 2009, is a 445-page, 200,000 word book, The Renewable Deal for the United States of America, a master plan for transitioning the U.S. to full sustainability for food, water, and carbon-free, nuclear-free energy within one human lifetime, using established best practice and existing proven... More »
Earth Restoration Network Suggestion Box Last Updated on 2009-04-22 00:00:00 Please tell us about yourself, your aspirations for Earth Restoration in your ecoregion, and share your ideas for planetary renewal at any scale, and for the improvement of this portal. More »
Jordan River Restoration Project -- The Good... Last Updated on 2008-03-25 19:29:10 The Jordan River flows the length of Salt Lake Valley, and like its  Palestinian  namesake, drains a freshwater lake (Provo Lake) into a terminal salt-water lake (The Great Salt Lake.) Like most of the world's rivers it has been thoroughly ravaged by thoughtless and destructive human activity.  But nevertheless in places it remains today what it was 150 years ago--a cool, lovely green tunnel winding quietly through the heart of the largest city in the Intermountain West.  Centered along a migratory bird flyway from Canada to Mexico and fingering out into the vast wetlands along the eastern shoreline of the Great Salt Lake, the Jordan teems with birds  and other wildlife. Beaver, muskrat, and powerful, Orca-like carp churn in its waters, and huge cottonwoods and willows spread their long arms to touch their fingers from opposite... More »