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Restoration Projects Worldwide

Hello, earth restoration soldiers worldwide.

This is your welcome mat--------------------------> 

The home you are entering was built specifically for your use, and belongs, in part, to each of you.

As we learn of ourstanding ecosystem restoration projects we will record and report on them here--but we invite our colleagues around the world to help us out by adding themselves to the list, and profiling their projects in our database.     This Restoration Project Inventory is currently in design-development, and its ultimate format is yet to be determined.   The next task is to install here the global ecoregion taxonomy developed by the World Wildlife.

You can view a comprehensive, standard list of terrestrial and aquatic ecoregions and subregions here.

You can view an interactive map of the standard ecoregions here.

At the inception of this website topic on Earth Day 2009, we are featuring just one pilot earth restoration project--the first, we hope, of a great many.   For better or worse, our pilot featured restoration project is   humble one, and happens literally to be in ERN founder Ray Wheeler's back yard:  The Jordan River Restoration Project

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