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Mission: to build a  comprehensive, cross-disciplinary platform of ideas and resources and a network of informed, committed and empowered activists, to enable the fullest possible restoration of our planet's  life support systems at every geographic scale and in every time frame from weeks to centuries.


Featured Project

America's Green New Deal

First Nationwide Action, February 5 - 25, 2019

Brought to you by:  The Sunrise Movement

Sunrise Coalition action in N.Y. Mayor Andrew Cuomo's offic3e

Sunrise Movement protesters picket New York Mayor Andrew Cuomo's office

Guess what's hitting the ground running today, Monday February 11, in Utah and 400 other cities and towns across America:   the "Green New Deal", a proposal to convert all U.S. power plants, buildings and vehicles in America as completely as possible, within one decade,  from fossil fuel to clean, renewable fuels.


Due to the superb organizing of the millennial-generation youths behind the "Sunrise Movement", a Green New Deal Resolution introduced just a few days ago in the U.S. House and Senate already has 57 House and 11 Senate cosponsors including four announced Democratic presidential candidates.  Now the real work begins.   Which side are you on?   This is the chance of a lifetime to Make America Green Again, take back our country's self-respect, and rescue the wonders of evolution and human civilization from onrushing catastrophe.


Each of you will have during the next three weeks an opportunity to stand tall for immediate, fully adequate, and timely Climate Change Action, by doing some or all of the things listed below in order of difficulty.

What you can do:  

JOIN the Sunrise Movement by filling out this supporter survey

REPLY TO THIS EMAIL (I'm presently the lead Sunrise Movement organizer for Utah) with your name and full contact information (first and last name, email address, phone numbers, mailing address with zip code, Twitter i.d. if you have one, and a thumbnail biography of yourself)

PREPARE  by scanning the Sunrise Movement Web Site and reading the Sunrise Green New Deal Blitz Action Guide

See also: 

View Utah Politician contact information on this web site

Download the Utah Politician Contacts Table to .pdf

FORWARD this email to every person you know who may be interested in and supportive of the Green New Deal initiative.

CONTACT your U.S. House representative and both Utah Senators by phone, email or twitter, with copies to:

Utah governor Herbert Walker -- (801) 538-1000, 350 State St Suite 200, Salt Lake City, UT 84114

Salt Lake County mayor Jenny Wilson, (385) 468-7000 | mayor@slco.org, 2001 South State Street, Suite N2-100, Salt Lake City, Utah, 84114

Salt Lake City mayor Jackie Biskupski -  (801) 535-7704, 451 State St #306, Salt Lake City, UT 84111

Me at mailto:wheeler.ray@gmail.com

--to ask them whether they will endorse a Green New Deal resolution introduced in the House and Senate last week

MAKE AN APPOINTMENT to meet with your U.S. House Representative and Senators (or  staff) ASAP here in their home state office to ask them in person whether they will endorse the Green New Deal Resolution

MEET IN PERSON with the  U.S. House member for your district, and/or  both Utah Senators  (or their staff) to ask whether they are willing to sign the Green New Deal Resolution introduced last week in both the Senate and the House, if possible bringing along a group of your like-minded friends, after confirming with both the friends and the congressional office.

REPORT on the outcome of your efforts to--

The Sunrise Movement staff at team@sunrisemovement.org

Copy to me at:  wheeler.ray@gmail.com





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